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"There are other things that now just knowing the show, watching the show, having done a 196 episodes of it, I know what it looks —I have an idea of how it looks, and if I’m seating behind the monitors directing a scene —like I was yesterday directing a scene with Mark Sheppard, and he happened to be seated. And it happened to be —to have other bodies just standing there, and the camera was still, and I was like "It’s too still. It’s too still. Nobody’s moving, nobody’s moving but I can’t have anybody moving because he’s giving a speech," so I was like walking over, and I said "Brad, let’s keep the camera floating, just keep moving, just keep on moving. I gotta have some moving," because it’s just more pleasing to the eyes, and it’s these little technical things like that I’m just starting to put it on, that i think it’s making episodic television, you know, a little more pleasing, that I wouldnt have thought, years ago. And there’s using transitions, using focus, using long lenses… and there’s also what they teach you on film school that I never went to, and also stuff from the acting school that I never went too either and I had to learn the hard way. So I’m very grateful for the opportunity they gave me to be able to do what I do and I’m still, you know, pinching myself with the words "Season Ten," and been able to keep going." - Jensen Ackles

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