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Deleted Scene from 9x10 - Road Trip

This is unreal. The entirety of this episode was highlighting the fact that Cas was Dean’s rock, that they complement each other. And now, Crowley asks a question that Castiel doesn’t verbally answer, and then DEAN walks in?

"Who wants to be a stupid, stinking, emotional pile of meat?"

1) Cas wants to be. That much is obvious from his shifty glance.

2) Why does he want to be? Well, that’s probably got something to do with the man that just walked in at exactly the right time to serve as a non-verbal /hint/ - Cas would like to be human to be with Dean (and Sam, but the main reason is Dean)

3) This is the episode right before 9x11, aka when Dean begins his demonic transformation. Who doesn’t want to be an emotional pile of meat? Dean, by the looks of it. Foreshadowing~