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Destiel AU

Castiel records audio pornography. Not professionally, or anything - he writes it and then reads it out, and uploads it free to the world. It’s not Dean’s usual type of porn - at all - but there’s something about Castiel’s gravelly, yet somehow smooth and beautiful voice that keeps him hooked.

Fanfiction Match: The Prank by bookkbaby

Summary: It starts with a prank war and a chance meeting at the auto shop Dean works at. 

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There was another question about My Bloody Valentine, which originally had a different scripted ending where Jensen’s character, Tom, dies. They shot the alternate ending too, and that’s the one they kept – which I loved. Jensen said that Phil Sgriccia likes to do that on Supernatural too. Sometimes after they’ve shot a take, he’ll say “Jensen, do something different this time,” and Jensen will just be like, okay, and go for it. It doesn’t work so well with guest actors, who of course don’t realize that the Supernatural set is a bit different than most others.

Phil to guest actor: Okay, do something different this time.

Guest actor: (looking petrified) Um, like what??!


-From Fangasm’s Jensen Meet & Greet Report, DallasCon 2014

Source: https://fangasmthebook.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/as-excited-about-supernatural-season-10-as-i-am-jensen-ackles-at-dallascon/

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Road Trip (9x10) deleted scene (video)

Oh god. He actually called Cas “Sunshine”. I can’t deal with this.

Because we know that the sun and light is often associated with Cas.

And remember the end of Meta Fiction with the romantically coded montage to “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”?

Bless. Crowley basically called him “guiding light”. Imagine that. coolification asked me the other day if I had seen this part and mentioned the bit about the tv. In 9x09 Cas was faced with an unplugged tv, foreshadowing the need for him to “plug back in and power on”, now, an episode later, he smokes a tv out, frying it because he didn’t want to deal with hearing about the death of “humanity”. This acts as two fold foreshadowing, both for Dean’s death and Cas’ grace burning him out. Too bad this was cut. Oh well.
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Hi so I was just wondering if you've written about how Dean and gangstercas met? If you have perhaps I've missed it, but if you haven't I've been wondering about that for a while.


Dean had prided himself on making sure things usually worked out.

Like hustling bars in a pool game, taking on the biggest toughest son of a bitch in the hopes of distracting people enough to slip away, or pumping out just enough of his pheromones to confuse and derail any possible violence. He was good at it, he’d become a master at squeezing just those few extra dollars out of anyone, whether it was a gay at a bar or a customer in a restaurant on one of the few honest jobs he’d ever gotten.

But that wouldn’t do anymore. Sam was starting college in less than two years and Dean had enough student loans to bury a cruise liner in and he hadn’t even finished his degree yet and wouldn’t for some time.

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